Reaching customers with social media

In 14 Tagen Auf Der Erster Google Seite Dank Local Marketing Mit Google My Business Und Facebook

Reaching the right target group every day The relevance of social networks in online marketing is still not sufficiently clarified in many companies. According to a 2018 survey conducted by the German Institute for Marketing, most of those responsible know that operating within such channels has a multi-layered significance with regard to the company's presence on the web. The social network is in fact [...]

Social media marketing - why are content & reviews so important?


Why are content & reviews so important? Online marketing has many facets and goes beyond an expressive website for your company. Social networks play an important role, but are criminally neglected by many companies in their marketing strategy. With a well thought-out social media marketing, potentials can be used that can assure the decisive advantage over direct competitors.Strong social media [...]